“The Imaji Nation is the happy marriage of marketing, branding and the web-based structures to support it all. Unlike html-jockies who are adept at creating snazzy websites that say little, the people at Imaji Nation create websites with "stickiness" -- messages that linger long after the site's been browsed.

Lalita Amos
Indianapolis Indiana

“Yorkali quickly comprehended the idea behind my role and my business and helped me to create a quality brand representation via the logo and web design. He is a genuinely kind and talented service provider!”.

Madelyn Vertenten

Austin, TX

“Yorkali is a highly creative designer, with an excellent work ethic. I have worked with Yorkali on several projects including brochure designs and corporate identity packages. The work has always been delivered on-time and at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Yorkali and his "imaji-nation".

Dinesh P. Vaswani.
Panama City, Panama


NEVER  DOUBT what you can do  with a little Imaji Nation

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