Started in 2003, and now based in Jamaica, The Imaji Nation today is a design and branding collaborative which draws on the skills of various illustrators, coders, database ring-masters and has become somewhat of a little design republic. We are passionate about crafting the optimal branding solution for your business, product or event. Our diverse team is focused on using a strategic approach to deliver measurable results to our clients and customers...not just “pretty” logos and slick sites. Form definitely has it’s place but it must align with your company’s goals, projections and brand DNA. We call this Accountable Aesthetics. Ready to go? Start here with the Brand Kit for your logo or the Web Start Kit, or maybe it’s a print job. Lets make your solution come true.


Imagination is  more important than knowledge

- A. Einstein

Branding and Design

Yorkali Walters

Creative Director